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Body Treatments

Aromatherapy Wrap                                                      $75
Our aromatherapy wrap customizes relaxing scents to each client that lull you into a dream like state as the essential oils are massaged into your skin. Let the oils penetrate into you skin as you are wrapped into warm blankets. The wrap is finished with a 30 minute massage using moisturizing body butter. 

​Body Wrap                                                                          $50​
Boost circulation and detoxify while soothing tired skin and sore muscle in our moisturizing wrap, layered to perfection. The combination of essential oil will be massaged into your skin and lull you in a dream like state.

​Body Polish                                                                         $65
Improve and remove dry dull skin followed by a steamy hot towel treatment and moisturizing boost. The polish will remove excess dry skin to reveal a more radiant glow. 

Body Wrap w/ Mask                                                 $80
Revitalize skin and discover a new glorious skin tone with all the benefits of a body wrap. Detoxify skin cells and improve the texture of all areas of the body. Your skin will feel refreshed and youthful after a body buff followed by a mask.  This is topped off with a silky body butter treat to seal in moisture. ​​   
 Slimming Body Wrap                                              $100                           Vegan clay wrap designed to slim and contour the body while   removing the toxins.

 Detoxifying Body Wrap                                        $100
 Designed to refresh your body by removing toxins


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