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Facial Treatments

Facials are a luxurious necessity in our toxic world. We are constantly exposed to our environment and without proper maintenance our skin becomes duller, more lifeless. Rejuvenating treatments in spa can help reduce and reverse a variety of damages that plague our once fabulous skin. we also carry a variety of at home skincare to continue the beautiful benefits after you leave the spa.



                +LED Light Therapy
                +Oxygen Therapy

 Lift & Tone Microcurrent

Face, Neck & Chest    

 HydroGel Facial                                                

Chemical Peels​

Sal-e & Mal-e Peel

Refresh Peel
     +micro to any peel                                                                  
Corrective (Acne) Facial                                                    


Bright Eye Treatment

*can be added to any Facial 

* Buy a series of 6 get 20% off!












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